Badged School Uniforms

Customique decided to move into the School Uniform market in 2021. Our first summer providing uniforms for a few locals schools, proved to be extremely popular, and the feedback we received was fantastic, we were particularly praised for helping with last minute uniform supply after parents had been let down by other suppliers. Since then, we have spoken with several schools in the area, as well as working with some of the most sustainable schoolwear manufacturers in the UK, and as such we can offer a great range of school uniforms at great prices.

We know, as parents ourselves, the expense of buying school uniforms for our children. But we also know the value a uniform plays in our schools promoting equality among our children. We are keenly aware of the amount of uniforms that end up in land fill each year, and as well as using sustainable ECO clothing where possible, we would recommend when your child outgrows their uniform, ask the school if they have a uniform exchange.

  • Prices

    Our school uniforms are the same price for every school. There are no discriminatory price differences applicable to your school. Our clothing is the same price for every school, therefore the uniform is the same price!

  • Eco Uniform

    Where possible, we use Eco clothing for our school uniforms. What does this mean? It means that, where we can, we purchase school uniforms which are made from 100% recycled material. For instance, our David Luke blazers are made from recylced 100% plastic bottles.

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  • Local Business

    Unlike many other retail school-wear suppliers, our uniforms are purchased direct from manufacturer and embroidered inhouse in our small unit in Muirhead. That means, you are supporting a small local family run business, AND your local economy.

  • Questions?

    Any questions? Contact us or give us a call. We are happy to talk to Parent Council members, or directly to the school staff. Parents, we would recommend you ask your school to contact us regarding supplying their school with uniforms. We need to ensure we have the correct badge and colours.

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